b b I was born in the early sixties & raised in a small rural town just north of London,  UK. My family weren’t really that car orientated.. although my father always stuck with Fords.. something i`ve pretty much adhered to, to this day. In the early seventies i managed to get hold of a few back issues of Hot Rod magazine. In one of those mags was a centre spread by the artist ‘Robert Williams’. The drawing which honoured the flat head.. was a black & white piece showing Williams’.. skills of drawing chrome & reflections. That was all it took.. i set off  on a journey to try & master the art of making my sketches look realistic.   II was blessed with a father.. who was one of those people that could draw anything you asked him to.. with very little effort. I had no formal art training.. apart from the standard weekly art lesson at school. To be honest.. they were not exactly teaching anything i was interested in. As with most automotive artists.. my school books were covered in doodles.. of pretty much        anything with BIG engines.. from cars to planes. The best piece of art advice i ever received                was from my father.. who told me to “draw what you see”               My favourite medium is graphite on Bristol board.. followed by water colour &             gouache. I’ve dabbled in oils & acrylics in the past.. just recently i have been           giving digital art a go.. using a Wacom Tablet & Corel Painter. I was always a little          sceptical.. but after practising for a while.. i am beginning to enjoy it & contrary to         belief.. you still have to be able to draw.. the computer won’t do it for you.                           I have been fortunate enough to have my work showcased in a few magazines.. the first being the short lived ‘Shop Rag’. Followed by ‘CK Deluxe’.. ‘Rod & Kulture’ & most recently ‘Garage Style’ magazine.   II haven’t a ride at this time.. previously i had a ‘1960 Chevy Belair’ & prior to that a ‘1927 Model T’. Currently.. i’m assisting my son with building a ‘1976 Jeans Bug’ (VW Beetle) so we can indulge in a bit of Drag Racing. Should be fun!!                                                                         Regards, Tim.   
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